Belly Love: Last Trimester | Bloomington Maternity Photographer

I know what you’re thinking. Catherine Zeta-Jones is having another baby and she has a new husband her own age that’s cute.  I promise this is not the case.  This beautiful mama is nothing short of a Persian goddess.  My friend asked me what Persian goddess was, and I said, “I don’t know, but I’m sure she would look like her.”  In all seriousness, this mama has been a gigantic blessing in my family’s life this past year.  You see, she is my Happy’s kindergarten teacher!  We have watched Penelope grow and slowly come out of her cute very shy shell and we owe it to this pretty lady.  Because of her, Happy loves going to school with new found self-confidence and feeling very special.  Penelope simply adores her and if you spent a few minutes with her you would know why.  While she might be a Persian goddess, she’s even more beautiful on the inside.  The little nugget inside is one very lucky baby to have these two as parents.  Thank you for a great year, Teacher!


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