Love Stories: Jim + Amanda | Wedding Photographer

I love this happy couple’s love story.  It all started at Subway.  One fine day, Jim went to Subway and saw Amanda who was working there at the time.  He fancied her so much that he wanted to see her again and again and again.  So he went to Subway again and again and again, sometimes more than once a day.  All these years later, he still very much fancies Amanda, now his beautiful bride.  She seems to be quite fond of him, too.  🙂  I loved watching them together, they love on each other easily and happily with a lot of smiles in between… May your love story continue….

{Thank you, Cari Dugan, for the amazing silo shot and the groom getting ready.  So thankful for your talent!}

One thought on “Love Stories: Jim + Amanda | Wedding Photographer

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! So glad Jim and Amanda’s paths crossed in (of all places) Subway. (:

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