My two little sweets.  This is where my heart resides, my inspiration.





Sylist:Penélope Elizabeth (I had all sorts of ideas, but on her own she came up with this and it was so much better than my ideas)

Outfits:  There’s nothing wrong with thrift store finds, hand-me-downs and things already in one’s closet! (G’s yellow skirt was new from Target.) Next time Penélope will be directing the whole thing again and save me a whole lot of mula.

We walked through a field by Bush Lake and I simply followed them around.  This is my most favorite way to shoot: minimal direction, being fully present in the moment through my lens.  That beautiful moment came to an unannounced halt  14min into it when Baby G saw the playground. Without any hesitation, she turned around, walked down the hill and didn’t even look back.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9708-3

Michelle Lyn Photography-9791-2

Geneviève stealing her sister’s bow.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9798-2

Geneviève wearing the stolen bow.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9799-2

Michelle Lyn Photography-9785

Michelle Lyn Photography-9754

Michelle Lyn Photography-9716

Miss Penélope caught up to Miss Geneviève and I frantically ran down ahead of them like a fumbling idiot and caught a couple more shots. By this time the light was golden.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9845

Even though Baby G was prancing down the sidewalk toward the park, I couldn’t resist another shot of Penélope since she was with me having long been abandoned by her baby sister.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9826

We played in the playground and the sun had just set.  The light was so perfectly warm and diffused that I asked Penélope for two more minutes.  This is what she gave me.  Am I lucky or what?

Michelle Lyn Photography-9931

She couldn’t contain herself and she burst out laughing.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9936

And blew me a kiss.

Michelle Lyn Photography-9906

We went home.

I needed more G time, so a couple days later we went back in full sun.  This photo shoot lasted a full non-consecutive 1min and a handful of seconds.

Michelle Lyn Photography-0182

I even tried the old snack trick.

Michelle Lyn Photography-0302

But you see, her life is so much more interesting than silly picture taking.  (Notice Miss Curious’ bruise on her forehead)

Michelle Lyn Photography-0400

Different shoes this time around since in her haste she lost her sparkly one on the hillside which I never did find.

Michelle Lyn Photography-0390

Michelle Lyn Photography-0380

My Joys. My Loves.

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