Babes: Baby {N} 1 month old | Minneapolis St Paul Baby Photographer

So, it’s pretty clear that I’m behind on my sneak peeks. But I can’t let this one go unpublished on my blog.  This baby is WAY to cute to pass by. 🙂 (On a side note: her mama looked good, too. Seriously, who can wear skinny jeans and look good just weeks after having a baby. I know, right?) I loved this family.  I love cultures different than my own and this family of three brought China, India and the USA together so beautifully.  LOVE!

Michelle Lyn Photography-7617

Michelle Lyn Photography-7323

mMichelle Lyn Photography-7223

Michelle Lyn Photography-7151

mMichelle Lyn Photography-7193

Michelle Lyn Photography-7367

Michelle Lyn Photography-7403

Michelle Lyn Photography-7493

Michelle Lyn Photography-7600

Michelle Lyn Photography-7660

Michelle Lyn Photography-7530

eMichelle Lyn Photography-7520

Michelle Lyn Photography-7712

Michelle Lyn Photography-7684

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