A Day in a life of a Cute 6 Month Old | Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer

I’m excited to share this lifestyle session! I happen to be quite fond of this Little Mr. and this was my excuse to see first hand his cute little self go about his routine.

What I love about lifestyle sessions is that it tells a story.   I’m interested in capturing those small moments, the fleeting ones, the ones that for me as a parent can be hard to take in fully. At times because there is just too much going on and sometimes there’s just sheer exhaustion. Other times, because unknowingly for me, it may seem commonplace or even mundane that I fail to experience all the joy that it offers. It’s so wonderful for me to be able to freeze those moments for parents to one day look back and relive them  and for the babies and kids who one day will be all grown up, they too, will be able to see how they were truly loved and adored…

Baby {R} is very blessed.  Just take one look at his exploding smile and you can see how very much he’s loved on, kissed on and hugged on. 🙂


  |      P     L     A     Y     T     I     M     E       |

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6859

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6827

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6753

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7062

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7099

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6902

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6888

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6895

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-6920

|     Y     U     M     M     Y          T     I     M     E     |

After seeing all his chub it’s not surprising to see that he just can’t wait any longer for food!  And there is nothing I love more than watching babies try new foods!  So cute!

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7122

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7237

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7181

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7190

|     B     A     T     H         T     I     M     E     |

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7321

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7311

|     S     L     E     E     P     Y          T     I     M     E     |

After a cuddle with mama he was out.  Anyone who knows my girls knows that this was a brand new experience for me to observe.  🙂  He snuggled up to his favorite toy lovies and within 15 seconds he was out. Amazing!  (And amazing mama for training him so well!!!)

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7352

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