Babes: Baby {B} | Twin Cities Baby Photographer

I love this little man and his cute family! 🙂  I decided to do a double post since his last session was right before Christmas and I took time off work and never had a chance to share these!  So it’s double the love!

{On a side note:  If you are ever looking for an AMAZING hair stylist, do yourself a favor and go see this gorgeous mama!  Her talent and extensive experience will not disappoint!  Set up an appointment today with her at The Hair District in Eden Prairie.  Ask for Krystle!}

S  I  X     M  O  N  T  H  S     O  L  D

Michelle Lyn Photography-2450

Michelle Lyn Photography-2371

Michelle Lyn Photography-2086

Michelle Lyn Photography-2174

Michelle Lyn Photography-2041

Michelle Lyn Photography-1957

Michelle Lyn Photography-1918

N  I  N  E     M  O  N  T  H  S     O  L  D

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0185

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0178

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0203

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9997

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0255

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0372

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0576

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0429 Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-0507

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