IN LOVE: Lee + Heather | Bloomington Engagement Photographer

A summer night, a fiddle and guitar, wildflowers, the lake and two people in love, and a card that Lee bought 12 years ago waiting for his perfect match… there anything more romantic?  As I was taking pictures of these two, the word that kept coming to mind was “joy!”  They have an amazing connection and know how to thoroughly enjoy each others company.   They made me laugh throughout the whole session.  Selfishly, my favorite part of the evening was when they were playing music and singing together.  I was tempted to drag it on, but the sun was in a hurry to set, so we had to keep moving.  I love that we caught the different hues of the setting sun.

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-4995

Heather and Lee 2

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5142

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5125

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5158Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5229

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5336

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5364

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5420hMichelleLynPhotography,LLC

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5491

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5604

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5574Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5714

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5668

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5763fMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5968

fMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-5976


One thought on “IN LOVE: Lee + Heather | Bloomington Engagement Photographer

  1. Love, love, love these pictures! Love these kids – love their story and think Michelle is an amazing photographer who has captured them and their relationship amazingly well!

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