Babes: 3 month old “B” | Twin Cities Baby Photographer

I loved seeing Baby “B” again.  He has changed so much since I last saw him at his newborn shoot.  His parents continue to be lovely as ever.  I always say I follow the baby’s lead and he did lead.  First he played on his bobby then he played in his crib for a little while.  Soon he was disinterested so we went outside and he loved the warm sunshine.  After playing airplane with daddy for a while he let us know he was tired.  So after mama got some good snuggle time (as did Auntie) we put him in a basket on a soft blanket to finish off his cozy nap.  I’d say he directed the shoot splendidly. 🙂

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7743

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7876

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7799

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-7821



f2Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-8305


Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-8157

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-8183

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-8193

wMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-8210

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