Family: Meet the “A” family | Bloomington Family Photographer

Living in MN can guarantee you unpredictable weather.  But this beautiful easy going family just took it all in stride when it started raining upon arriving at the location.  We waited it out a few minutes then went for it.  It made for rich colors as a backdrop to their pretty smiles.  At the very end it started to rain again, but we still got a few shots by the water.  The “A’s”  are the BEST!

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9343

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9413

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9480Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9274


Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9643

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9387

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9443


Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9607

fMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9361


fMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9575

AMichelleLynPhotography1Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9768

Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-9780

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