Little Bundles : Baby Z | Twin Cities Newborn Photographer

I’m so thankful for this beautiful family.  I have watched them become a family of 3 and now a family of 4.  Baby Z fits right in.  She is surrounded by all kinds of kisses and love.  There is nothing sweeter than brand new baby love.  She slept really well, enough to snuggle her in a Vikings helmet, proving that Vikings fans don’t have to be only sporty, they can be fancy, too.  Speaking of fancy, she has the fanciest room any baby girl could ever ask for. 🙂 MichelleLynPhotographyz5 MichelleLynPhotographyz6 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-5091-2 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-5094-3 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-5079-4 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-5119-2 Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-4314 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4343 fMMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4307 MichelleLynPhotographyz11 fMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-4247-2 MichelleLynPhotographyz10 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4230 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4219 fMMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4253 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4952 MichelleLynPhotographyz12 3fMichelle Lyn Photography, LLC-4104 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4128 f1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-4066-2 Michelle Lyn Photography, LLC-4047 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6349-3 MichelleLynPhotographyz7 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6560-2 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6504 MichelleLynPhotographyz3 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6513 MichelleLynPhotographyz4 MichelleLynPhotographyz9 MichelleLynPhotographyz4 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6358 MichelleLynPhotographyz8 MichelleLynPhotographyz1 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6391-3 MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-6642


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