LITTLE ONES | Mr. J | Minneapolis Children Photographer

As usual Mr. J rocked his shoot.  His bursting with personality that kept me laughing for most of our time together.  He is so adorable and cute and funny that I just can’t stand it.  🙂 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1001 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1000 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1058 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1078 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1192-2 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1021 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1076 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1027 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1186 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1092 MichelleLynPhotography.2 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1283 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1289 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1313 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1226 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1229 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1218-2 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1390 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1371 wMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-1425 MichelleLynPhotography.3

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