SMASH THE CAKE | Little ~K~ is One! | Twin Cities Children Photographer

I had so much fun with this session! When it was time for cake, K didn’t waste any time.  Why smash the cake when you can just pick up the whole thing?  She had a million expressions, and when she smiles, even her eyes smile.  So cute! Happy Birthday, K! 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3419 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3422 111MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3406 Michellelynphotography.2 21MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3638 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3480 12MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3483 Michellelynphotography.1 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3506 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3574 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3585 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3562 fMichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3593



1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3625 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3630 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3637 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3638 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3640 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3659 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3664 1MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-36521MichelleLynPhotography,LLC-3661

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